I want to advertise an open position in my research group. Recently,  I have received funding from Turkish Science foundation on the subject of  'Studying active nano particles on two dimensional complex boundaries; formation of life crystals.'

I have funding for 2 students one undergraduate and one Ph.D student.  I am trying to find a PhD student where I can be a co-advisor since our department is pretty young (just formed 1 year ago) and we do not have graduate program yet.

The position is open for 3 years and salary is 1800TL per month. If you are planning to do PhD in physics  just register for a program in a university and  agree with an advisor to conduct Phd with me, that is all. Ideally, this works best if you are in Izmir area.

About the requirement, be motivated and show up  time to time and report your studies. That is about it. This is a simulational work and you should not hate computers! If you are doing engineering that is also ok. During this work yo…
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